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A Bit About Us

JNW Medical Billing offer a complete medical billing solution that reduces the stress of having to deal with insurance companies; which will allows you to concentrate on more pressing issues, such as patient care. We are a medical billing specialist company that is designed to perform great medical billing for your unique company needs. We are here to assist with your cash flow, lower overhead cost, submit accurate/clean claims and reduce stress related claims issues.

Our goal is to make sure your company brings in the revenue that you work hard for, and to develop a long lasting relationship; one that is healthy and prosperous for your company and for JNW Medical Billing.

JNW Medical Billing has been a great asset to our practice. They are efficient and their customer service is great. Anytime we have a question or an issue, they are quick to respond and resolve the issue. I highly recommend their services. 

- Mark B., United States

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